Nothing added, nothing taken away.

The Power of Nature in Wine.

I believe the big part of the expression of the terroir is the microbiome in your vineyard and vinery. This is why all my wines are made the same way as my dad's and my grandfather's wines were done before on the old continent. Natural fermentation is utilizing the native yeasts, rather than pitching technologically manipulated yeast.
The Bubbles of Happiness

2018 Viognier
Pét Nat

Alcohol Level
0 g/L
Added Sulfites
Beautiful Viognier grapes from Sierra Foothils procesed “method ancestral”.

This Pet Nat matured 9-16 months in a bottle on lees, then disgorged.

Tiny amount lees on the bottom of the bottle is the artisanal signature of natural yeasts.

The result is golden color mature sparkler with tropical notes and champaign style umami.

Honey sweetness and ripe melon candy land.

2018 Marsanne
Skin Contact

Alcohol Level
0 g/L
Added Sulfites
This Sierra Foothil – Marsanne was treated to10 days carbonic, 4 days whole cluster maceration, 9 months aged in neutral barrel on lees.

The result is honey suckle, caramel and honey notes super fresh green apple like wine.

Lilac and ripe fruit with refreshing brightness.

2018 Touriga

Alcohol Level
0 g/L
Added Sulfites
Touriga Nacional grapes from Lodi.

They were treated to three weeks carbonic maceration, whole cluster press and aged on lees for 15 months in a neutral barrels.

As of today, they are still aging.


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